Burnette and Board

This week, Owensboro Public Schools said goodbye to our fearless leader, Mrs. Anita Burnette as she concluded her time as the district's interim superintendent.

There is no doubt that this year, there were more than enough distractions outside the classroom that could have easily allowed us to take our eyes off our mission, but thanks to the selfless leadership of Mrs. Burnette, our district no only kept our focus where it belonged, but we took a step forward toward the excellence we strive for.

One year ago, we were full of uncertainty as we faced the darkest moment in our district’s history. However, the one bright spot was knowing that Mrs. Anita Burnette had agreed to come out of retirement once again, putting aside precious time with her grandbabies and her husband to help keep us on track.

It would have been easy to just maintain the status quo over the course of the year, but Mrs. Burnette rolled up her sleeves and jumped into the trenches making sure that our admins and staff didn’t lose sight of the ultimate goal…the education and wellbeing of our students and their families.

The Board presented Mrs. Burnette with the Staff Pillar of Support Award at the meeting, but it doesn’t go far enough to truly express our sincere gratitude for all she has done for our district and the legacy she will leave behind. Thank you for everything!