Be Kind to Your Mind - Live Drug Free

Red Ribbon Week has announced the 2023 Campaign Theme, "Be Kind to Your Mind. Live Drug Free," submitted by Danielle Helm, a Youth Service Coordinator from Russell County Middle School in Russell Springs, Kentucky. This year’s theme is a reminder that everyday Americans across the country make significant daily contributions to their communities by being the best they can be because they live Drug-Free!

“I chose this theme because drugs alter our current brain development and hinders further growth. Drugs decrease levels of neurotransmitters in the reward system of our brain, such as Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins. This can block our brain from naturally experiencing happiness,” said Danielle. “Be Kind to Your Mind. Live Drug Free". is about making positive choices to be happy and healthy-that is being kind to our mind.”

Red Ribbon Week takes place each year from October 23-31. This year, each of our schools will be celebrating with various theme days and will have special prizes and giveaways throughout the week. 

This week is dedicated each year to promote a drug-free lifestyle and putting an end to the destruction that drugs and alcohol cause for families in our community and across the country everyday.