Superintendent Search

The Owensboro Board of Education officially kicked off the process of forming a screening committee in the search for the district's next superintendent on Thursday during the Special Called Luncheon meeting at Newton Parrish Elementary.

An ad for the position will be placed on the Kentucky School Board Association's website in the next few days and applications will be accepted through January 1, 2024.

The district will also develop a screening committee that will be responsible for screening the applicants and making recommendations to the board about which candidates to interview. The screening committee will be comprised of the following:

1 Board Member
1 Principal
2 Teachers
1 Classified Employee
1 Parent
1 Minority Representative (if none are selected for any of the positions above)

The Board will select their own representative and principals will vote amongst themselves to select their screening committee member. The teachers and classified employee will be elected following a district-wide nomination process. A parent representative will be elected by PTA/PTO presidents from schools that have those organizations. In the event none of the screening committee members are minority representatives, a separate election will be held for those folks. 

 Once the window for applications is closed, the screening committee will meet several times to screen candidates and will present the Board with their recommendations for further interviews by February 22.

The Board will interview candidates from February 23 to March 22, 2024 and hope to have a new superintendent named by April 8, 2024. These dates could changed based on a number of factors, but this is a tentative target date for the process to be complete.