It's much more than free meals! Complete the household income form now!

 Calling all OPS families! 

We're excited to announce that our Household Income Form (HIF) is now LIVE, and we need your immediate action! This year, we've made it more convenient by going digital. No more blue paper forms - simply complete the form online! Please include all members living in your household on the form.  No username and password required to answer the form.

Complete the form here:

But why is it so important that every family at Owensboro Public Schools completes this form? 

Essential Programs: It’s more than just free meals!  By completing the HIF form, your family may qualify for additional waived or reduced cost benefits, such as: school fees, future P-EBT, FRYSC services, etc.

Completing the HIF form is easier than ever with our online system. Using a computer may offer a quicker experience, but you can also use a phone or tablet.

Take action now to support our district! Complete the HIF form today at Your participation matters!

Thank you for your cooperation and support!

Scan the QR Code to get started!