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Since 1871, Owensboro Public Schools has held to a tradition of engaging the whole child by providing early access to literacy and mathematics and providing college, career and life readiness to all students.

It is our goal to promote the health, well-being and diversity of all students while engaging families and the community in the education of our children.

  • Arts Opportunities for Every Student
  • 31 State Championships in Athletics
  • Early Learning Academy
  • K-5 and 6-8 Configuration
  • Numerous Community Partnerships

Top 25 District of Innovation

Owensboro Public Schools prides itself on being named a National Top 25 District of Innovation. By incorporating innovation in both teaching and learning, our district has created a learning community for all students that utilizes cutting-edge teaching and technology that fosters an environment of collaborative leadership, trust and open communication.

Owensboro Innovation Campus

Our district opened the Owensboro Innovation Academy in 2015 and the Owensboro Innovation Middle School in 2019 as another way to provide students an alternative to traditional learning. Students learn through project-based assignments and immerse themselves in hands-on learning to actively retain valuable material. Projects often consist of direct partnerships with community partners to create real-world results that are put to use. 

Excellence is a core value throughout all of Owensboro Public Schools. We strive to be a district that attracts, recruits, develops and retains the highest-caliber workforce.

It is our goal to be a district that provides everyone from administration to operations and facilities with resources that are efficient, effective, process-driven and mission-focused.

This foundational value has led to the creation of a positive district culture with an award-winning faculty and world-class facilities.


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