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Testing System

The Owensboro Public Schools administers several tests to measure students' progress and/or mastery of subjects.  Some of these are mandated by the state of Kentucky and some are locally driven.  Below is more information about these assessments, including names, grades administered, and generally the times during the year you can expect them to be taken. 


Should you have any questions on these, you may contact the OPS District Assessment Coordinator, Lynne Beavers, at the OPS Central Office.


Annual Required Assessments


NWEA assessments are administered three times per year.  This is a diagnostic instrument that provides teachers with real-time data about student strengths and weaknesses and guides the delivery of instruction.  Annual testing time = approximately 5 hours.  Testing windows for the 2018-2019 school year are: Fall, Winter, Spring

KPREP assessments are administered annually.  This is the state-mandated achievement test that is used to rate the effectiveness of a school’s instructional program. Annual testing time is between 4 and 9 hours, depending on grade level.  The test is given during the last 14 instructional days of the school year.

The ACT is administered each spring to all high school juniors.  Testing time is approximately 3 hours.

The ACCESS test is administered in January and February to all students who are identified as English Language Learners.  Testing time is approximately 3 hours.

Grade NWEA Reading NWEA Math KPREP Reading KPREP Math KPREP Writing KPREP Science KPREP Social Studies ACT ACCESS
K X X             X
1 X X             X
2 X X             X
3 X X X X         X
4 X X X X   X     X
5 X X X X X   X   X
6 X X X X         X
7 X X X X   X     X
8 X X X X X   X   X
9                 X
10     X     X     X
11       X X   X X X
12                 X