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Special Education Department


Welcome to the Owensboro Public Schools (OPS) Special Education Department website. The Owensboro Public Schools Special Education department strives to ensure students leave OPS with the education and work skills necessary to lead happy, healthy, successful lives.  Our core value: ALL students can meet grade level standards.  In our schools, our teachers follow the OPS Special Education Framework for success.  We believe every decision we make, both instructionally and with due process, will meet five criteria: guided by Kentucky Academic Standards, rigorous with research-based practices, engaging and exciting, assessed continually to guide instruction, students are grouped by tailored and flexible groups. Through the framework we will do Whatever It Takes to support student success.

“Whatever It Takes doesn’t mean we do everything for the kids.  It doesn’t mean we accept the way things are and just work longer and harder to try to overcome.  It doesn’t mean when we get stuck we lower our standards or give up.  In order to truly live Whatever It Takes, we find a way.  We believe there is always a way to open a locked door.”  

PreparedDiane Tavenner, author


  • Director of Special Education
    • Carrie Wedding
  • Special Education Consultant
    • Nanette Blandford
  • Administrative Assistant
    • Christal Towery
  • School Psychologists
    • Betsy Caldwell (Cravens, Estes)
    • Monte Gannon (Preschool, Newton Parrish)
    • Deeayne Mayfield (OMS, Innovative Programs, Emerson Academy)
    • Lanie Rudisill (Sutton, OHS)
    • Kristin Shiflet (Preschool, Foust)
  • Occupational Therapist
    • Angela Abdon
Carrie Wedding Headshot

Carrie Wedding
Special Education Director
(270) 686-1000