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District Strategy


Engaging ALL students with innovative teaching and learning.



Our vision is to enable students to succeed in life, college and the careers of tomorrow, equipped to think critically and creatively, solve problems, communicate and collaborate effectively, and participate fully in our democratic society.


OPS Values and Commitment to Innovative Teaching and Learning

The learning community of professional educators in the Owensboro Public Schools will be leaders of learning through commitments to the following:

★   Moral commitment to the learning of ALL students regardless of background

★   Strong instructional practice

★   Desire to work collaboratively

★   Learning is the work, a strong commitment to continuous learning

★   Culture and leadership matter

★   Success for ALL students involves the entire community


● The P-12 educational continuum including the following: pre-K access and readiness, literacy, mathematics, college, career and life readiness and a blended experience with postsecondary pathways in the last two years of high school.

● A high quality arts program is available to every OPS student.

● Promote the health, well-being, and diversity of all students.

● Engage the family and community in the education of our children.

● A Kentucky District of Innovation committed to personalized and deeper learning for all students utilizing cutting edge teaching and technology.

● A learning community of leading professional educators focused on continuous improvement and performance excellence guided by a growth mindset

● District focus on building capacity through collaborative leadership, trust and open communication

● An organization that recruits, attracts, retains, and develops the highest caliber workforce.

● District administration, operations, facilities, and resource allocations that are efficient, effective, process-driven and mission-focused.