OPS Foundation Awards $22,127 in Mini-Grants

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OPS employees donated $17,193 to the Foundation during school year 2020-2021.  This includes contributions from teachers, aides, administrators, and School Board members, as well as many cafeteria, maintenance, and office employees – most from regular payroll deductions. The Foundation Board of Trustees voted on May 20, 2021 to give back that amount and more in the form of grants to OPS schools.  The OPS district has a 20% employee participation in Foundation contributions which is a very high rate for K-12 schools according to the National School Foundation Association. This shows the depth of caring from our employees and the needs involved even during a pandemic. 


Presentation of the mini-grants will be made to the teachers at a Presentation Tour by the Foundation Board members at the various schools on September 10, 2021 from 9:30 until about 11:30 in the following order: Central Office, Innovation Middle, Innovation Academy, Owensboro Middle School, Sutton Elem., Newton Parrish Elem., Cravens Elem., Emerson Academy, and Owensboro High School. The recipients of the mini-grants for school year 2021-22 are as follows:


Foundation mini-grants awarded for 2021-2022 school year

Photo Gallery of Grant Recipients


  • Cravens Elementary School - $2,000 for Book Vending Machine materials - to purchase books and tokens.
  • Cravens Elementary School - $2,920 for Stimulating Minds Socially - to purchase games/activities for all classrooms. 
  • Cravens Elementary School - $1,000 for Steel Pan Equipment - to purchase one replacement steel pan and one stand for the 11-year-old Cravens Steel Pan Band.
  • Emerson Academy - $1,188 for Raised Bed Greenhouse Gardening - to purchase materials to construct and nurture plant beds and buy vegetables and flowers.
  • Owensboro Innovation Middle School - $4,615 for Virtual Reality and Experiences – to purchase 8 VR headsets and software for 6th-8th grade classes.
  • Newton Parrish Elementary School – $1,695 for Choral Riser – to purchase one additional section of choral risers to add to present three sections for larger group of students.
  • OPS District – Central Office – $600 for the purchase of a new drone to be used for Classroom Instruction, Teacher Recruitment, and District Public Relations.
  • Owensboro High School - $625 for Bridging the Gaps – to pay for a Zoom meeting with civil rights activist Ruby Bridges for African American History classes.
  • Owensboro High School - $154 for Picasso Inspired DIY Wire Portrait – to purchase craft wire and additional materials for art project.
  • Owensboro Innovation Academy - $2,300 for Robotic Arms for Computer Integrated Manufacturing Class – to purchase kit for STEM robotic arm with conveyor belt.
  • Owensboro Middle School - $2,000 for OMS Choral Program Artist-in-Residence – to pay for expenses for Roger Emerson to work one day with OMS students.
  • Owensboro Middle School - $700 for Sensory Room Items – to purchase items for students with disabilities.
  • Sutton Elementary School - $500 for Engaged Learning Days – to purchase materials/games for special hands-on activity days to make learning come alive.
  • Sutton Elementary School - $1,890 for Ukuleles for music classes – to purchase 30 ukuleles so all students can learn the instrument.

14 Mini-Grants for Total:  $22,197

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