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This link is to the National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders.  The NPDC used a rigorous criteria to classify 27 focused interventions as EBP's in 2014.  The 27 identified EBP's have been shown through scientific research to be effective when implemented correctly with students with ASD.  The NPDC is currently developing online modules, called AFIRM, for each of the 27 identified practices. 

  • Use social stories for transitional times, try to keep transitions minimal.
  • Provide a predictable and consistent activity classroom schedule.
  • Provide a quiet area and frequent relaxation time.
  • Use visual supports such as picture schedules.
  • Provide opportunities for sharing and turn taking experiences.
  • Encourage choice making.
  • Use concrete materials when presenting new material.
  • Provide immediate and consistent feedback.
  • Be patient and allow extended response time.
  • Provide alternate modes of communication (pictures).
  • Avoid over stimulating activities.
  • Utilize technology and appropriate software.
  • Provide instruction in small sequential steps.
  • Maintain communication between school and home for consistent expectations.

Facilitating Social Skills & Friendship:  Working One on One with Students with Autism


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