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This link is to the National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders.  To date, they have identified 24 practices that meet the criteria for evidence-based practices for children and youth with autism spectrum disorders. Here you will find the briefs for each of the 24 practices, which include an overview of the practice, step-by-step directions for implementation, an implementation checklist, the evidence base for the practice, and supplemental materials. EBP briefs and their components are available for download through the EBP Briefs page.

  • Use social stories for transitional times, try to keep transitions minimal.
  • Provide a predictable and consistent activity classroom schedule.
  • Provide a quiet area and frequent relaxation time.
  • Use visual supports such as picture schedules.
  • Provide opportunities for sharing and turn taking experiences.
  • Encourage choice making.
  • Use concrete materials when presenting new material.
  • Provide immediate and consistent feedback.
  • Be patient and allow extended response time.
  • Provide alternate modes of communication (pictures).
  • Avoid over stimulating activities.
  • Utilize technology and appropriate software.
  • Provide instruction in small sequential steps.
  • Maintain communication between school and home for consistent expectations.

Functional Behavior Assessment Forms  

This is a website with lots of FREE social skills lesson plans for all grade levels.

Facilitating Social Skills & Friendship:  Working One on One with Students with Autism


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